World Environment Day


The impacts on the environment occurred due to the scientific-technical progress, and rapid industrial development begun since the end of 19th century showed its aftereffects in the mid-20th century.
People perceived that the process would turn against themselves, and yield undesirable results unless they changed their approach to the nature, and put an end to the irrational use of its resources.
The scholars and ecologists understanding the possible cause of the issue to future global cataclysms began to raise their voices of protest, and sounded the tocsin.
The international organizations, progressive-minded world community sensible of the strictness of the problem tried to constantly keep the matter in the spotlight.
At the conference of the United Nations General Assembly held in the Swedish capital Stockholm on June 5, 1972, the issue of environmental protection was at the center of attention, and the conference participants considering the austerity of the issue, and the importance of environmental awareness raising, and focus of the attention on the issues of environmental protection decided to celebrate June 5 as WED, and beginning from the next year it was started to be solemnly celebrated all over the world.
The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) conduct various events for the purpose of environmental protection, effective use of the nature, subsoil waters, mineral raw materials, and surface resources, rehabilitation and conservation of them, and maintenance of biodiversity on the eve of World Environment Day.
This year, MENR will hold subbotniks in Baku and the regions of Azerbaijan, foster greeneries alongside the cleaning and renovation works and household wastes cleanup in several areas together with public on the occasion of June 5 – World Environment Day.

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