Baku State University and The State Committee for Land and Cartography of Azerbaijan Republic and BSU branch of the Geographical Society of Azerbaijan in 2012 year, December, 06-07,  hold scientific-practical conference, dedicated to the 40-th anniversary of The Department of Geodesy and Cartography on the theme :“XXI century: Innovation in geodetic and cartographic science”.

The purpose of the conference - over the past decade geodetic and cartographic science using of scientific and technological progress and innovation in other areas of science, in particular technical means of geodetic measurements, reached the big jump development. Implementations of scientific and technological innovation in manufacturing, as well as the training of qualified personnel require a modern approach to these issues. The conference will discuss and define the scientific and practical ways to solve these problems together with local and international experts, and representatives of the legislative and executive authorities.

Presented at the conference materials must comply with the mentioned below directions:

- Create a spatial data infrastructure;

- GIS and 3D modeling;

- Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing;

-Modern geodetic and GIS technologies applied for the design, construction and exploitation of engineering objects:

- Multipurpose Cadastre and the role of geodetic and cartographic science in its creation;

- Study of the deformations by geodetic methods in tectonically active and technological hazards zones;

- The value of Geodesy and Cartography in space-landscape and space-geomorphology studies and hydrological evaluation;

-The use of geodetic and cartographic methods in the management of urbanization, tourism and ecosystems;

-The role of geodetic and cartography techniques and remote sensing in the study of climate change and its impacts;

-The value of geodesy and airspace - topographical methods in fulfilling of geological and mining works;

- High geodesy and cartography education in Azerbaijan: problems and prospects.

Articles (reports) presented at the conference will be published in a special volume and should be prepared in accordance with the following regulations:

2. The article can be written in Azerbaijani, Russian and English. To the article must be attach abstract (if the article in the Azerbaijani language - abstracts in Russian and English, Russian - abstracts in English and Azerbaijani, English – abstract only in English).

3. The text of the paper should be made as follows:

Article title, first name, middle name of author (s) with the E-mail contact address; the name of the organization where the work was performed, indicating  its postal address; abstract (5-10 lines); keywords (4-6 words); text of article; conclusions and recommendations; references.

Those wishing to participate in the conference should send texts of the papers until November 25 of 2012 at the address:

Republic of Azerbaijan, AZ 1148, Baku city,  Z. Khalilov Street, 23, Baku State University, Main Building, 4-th floor, Faculty of Geography, Room 415, prof. M.H.Gojamanov, senior laboratorian G.Kulieva .

Tel: (99412) -538-01-70,

(994) - (050) -559-89-09

Fax:  (99412) -598-33-76

E-mail:  [email protected]; gul-с@box.az

http: / / www.bsu.edu.az


The Organizing Committee

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