Caspian Innovation Forum


In his performance he noted about potential innovative possibilities of Caspian region, especially Astrakhan and the importance of cooperation of the Caspian littoral states.
The exhibition of innovative offers, competitions of young experts in this sphere, round tables about innovation problems were spent during the forum. The forum was observed by local MM representatives. Prof. Chingiz Ismailov also took part at the press conference held with representatives of the mass-media.(cumle yuxarida verilib) Questions of the journalists addressed to Chingiz Ismailov, were about the Azerbaijan-Russian cooperation and the project of construction of gas pipeline NABUCCO. Answering these questions C. Ismailov noted that, one of the important problems in the development of economic cooperation between our countries is the development of the mutual investment. However, considerable disbalance is observed .For example, over the last 5 years the volume of the investments of Russia has made 2.7 million dollars while for the same period , the investments of Azerbaijan to Russia has exceeded for ten times. As to comparison, Russia has invested more than 15 billion(b) investment to Armenia during the last 15 years. As to project NABUCCO, C. Ismailov noted that, opinions about connected (buna ehtiyac yoxdu) this project, generally, this issue is too politicized in the Russian mass-media. First of all NABUCCO is the economic project and realization of the project will be determined due to the economic efficiency. He also noticed that, if Russia joins this project by the means of Baku-Mazdok gas pipeline, implementation of that can be more real. It is possible to hope that, holding such forums will promote development of Caspian littoral states’ collaboration.

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