188 water treatment plants.


The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources discussed the state of water treatment plants installed on the territory of Azerbaijan. In the villages along the rivers Kura and Araz, to date, installed 188 water treatment plants, said Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Huseyn Bagirov.

According to him, then, according to a government decision, have been identified are responsible for these structures are persons who have paid the appropriate fee earned. The reasons for the fact that some facilities are out of order, may be the wrong attitude of the citizens, the lack of power of electric current. Lack of water in the channel, said deputy director of the Center of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to monitor and maintain the environmental standards of drinking water usedalong the Kura and Araz rivers and in other localities, Ramig Ashraf.

According to him, in ditches and channels, which are the source of 63 plants, water is supplied intermittently. Ashrafov noted that prisoners with the municipalities of contracts they are responsible for the safety of structures.

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