In 1991 the Altiagach experimental base was created in order to arrange practical work for students. Since 2000 improvement works were commenced in that base.
In the past years a meteorological station located in the courtyard of the University was built. Students carry out meteorological observations there.
At present 1107 students are studying in a Bachelor’s degree program in the geography faculty (795 out of these students are full time students and 312 are part-time students). 100 students are studying for a Master’s degree and 12 postgraduate students are working at their theses.

Every year scientific conferences dedicated to various problems of geography, geographical ecology, hydrometeorology and cartography are arranged by the geography faculty for students, undergraduates and postgraduates, and the texts of reports presented or theses are being published in the form of digests.
Every year the teaching staff of the faculty holds broad scientific conferences in relation to the results of scientific researches they conduct. After the summer exam sessions, field experiments of the geography faculty are being arranged in various parts of Azerbaijan and in the Altiagach experimental base in the geography faculty is organized field experiments in the different regions of Azerbaijan and in the students experiment base
Within the study year chairs arrange 1-2 excursions for students to interesting nature and recreational places in Absheron-Goboustan, Gouba-Xachmaz, Lankaran, Sheki-Zagatala zones and hold discussions regarding the results of these excursions in scientific seminars.
The staff of the geography faculty publishes interesting scientific articles in nature sciences series of the Baku University News scientific journal. They publish 5-6 articles, concerning various problems of geography in every issue of the journal being released 4 times a year.
Scientific conferences and meetings have been held in connection with the 60 year anniversary of the geography faculty and jubilees of outstanding geographers.

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