Whereas there was a great need of national human resource capacity specializing in hydrometeorology, ocean science, meteorology and climatology, from 1971 the geography faculty of the BSU commenced training students with specialization of hydro meteorologist out of those who were admitted in with geography major.

The chair of hydrometeorology was established under the auspices of the chair of physical geography in November 1973. Prof. Neriman Veliyev Adil, DGS, headed up this chair from 1973 until 1990. N.A.Valiyev has been author of more than 60 scientific articles, textbooks and scientific and methodical instructions.

Magbet Mammadov Adil, DGS, led the chair from 1990 until 2004. The various areas of land hydrology being of the important directions of physical geography were subjects of his researches. He developed various calculation methods of elements of river flow and revealed the patterns of their space-time variability. M.A. Mammadov being the author of more than 150 scientific works founded a scientific school. He trained 4 Doctors of Sciences and 5 candidates of sciences.

From the 1991-1992 study year specializations of "Meteorology and climatology" and "ocean science" were included in nomenclature of the university. The alumni of the chair are working in the National Hydrometeorology Department and structures of AZAL.

From 2004 Prof. Farda Imanov Ali, DGS, has been heading up this chair. A great attention is paid in the chair to training of highly skilled specialists. 3 out of the chair’s employees defended their doctoral theses and 2 people defended their Ph.D. theses. In addition to that, 4 postgraduate students and candidates for a degree have successfully completed their theses. Currently the chair has 5 postgraduate students and 3 candidates for a degree.

The chair’s employees take part in projects implemented by the UN Development Program, TACIS Program of the European Commission, USAID organization of the USA, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and by the Melioration and Water Industry Open Joint-Stock Company.

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