In 1943, for the first time Baku State University conducted entering exams for studying geology specialty and in 1944 there were conducted entering exams for the geography specialty. The same year geology – geography faculty was established.
During the period from 1952 till 1963, a number of spheres of geology and geography were developed when faculty of Geography and Geology was led by famous geologist and Professor S. Suleymanov. At that time a number of highly qualified specialists graduated from the University.
Academic Hasan Aliyev took an active part in preparing specialists in the sphere of nature protection. With his assistance there was created an educational - experience base.
In 1991 on the basis of the geology and geography faculty there were established two separate faculties – faculty of geology and faculty of geography.
Today the departments of the faculty cooperate with the institutes of NSAA Geography, Geology, Earth Science and Agro chemistry, with Agro Geodesy Union, with Cartography Fabric of Azerbaijan, and also with geography faculties of Moscow and Tbilisi State Universities. The professors and teachers of the Geography faculty not only provide their students with significant scientific research materials but also with professional programs, educational supplies, maps and other visual aid.There are 6 departments at faculty of Geography.

At the bachelor stage the professionals in the following specialties are prepared:
1. Geography
2. Environmental Protection and Rational Utilization of Natural Resources
3. Hydrology
4. Meteorology and Climatology
5. Oceanography
6. Cartography
7. Tourism and Social-Cultural Service

At the master stage the professionals in the following specialties are prepared:
1. Geomorphology
2. Landscape Studies
3. Economic and Social Geography
4. Territorial and regional planning
5. Country-Specific Studies and International Tourism
6. Economic and Social Geography of the World
7. Physiography of Azerbaijan
8. Hydrology
9. Climatology
10. Physical Oceanography
11. Cartography
12. Tourism and Social-Cultural Services

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