The deputy dean on humanitarian and social problems, Elkhan Nuriyev Balahasan, graduated from the Geology and Geography faculty of the Azerbaijan State University in 1969. In 1976-1990 he worked as a research fellow in the Geography Institute of the ANAS. He is an assistant professor of foreign countries’ economy and tourism chair of the Baku State University from 1990. He is currently working at a doctoral thesis entitled the Exploration of geographical reality in Azerbaijan’s toponymy.

Ramiz Ahlimanov Miragha studied in and graduated from the geography faculty of BSU in 1966-1971. R. Ahlimanov defended a Ph.D. thesis on “Analysis of landscape based on cartographic and mathematical methods” in 1980. His scientific works were dedicated to the exploration of landscape structure by means of cartographic and mathematical methods. He is the author of a series of landscape measuring maps and of more than 60 scientific articles, programs and methodical textbooks.

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